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At Ninamu Resort, we take great pride in minimizing our footprint on our beautiful surroundings. Our resort operates completely off the grid. We produce our own power, capture and filter our own water, as well as source the vast majority of our produce, poultry and pork from local, organic sources.

Solar Power

An array of photovoltaic solar cells on the roof of our kitchen in conjunction with a number of high powered batteries allows us to generates up to 15 kilowatts of power. The electricity is distributed via an off grid, three phase system which supplies the entire island with 220 volt, 60 hertz AC current; the same type of household electricity and outlet found in continental europe.

Water Purification and Desalination

Despite being surrounded by it as far as the eye can see, water remains one of our most precious and sought after resources. We ask all our guests to do their part and help us conserve water whenever and wherever possible. The majority of our fresh, drinkable water is captured rainwater. We’re capable of storing up to 75,000 liters. Rain water is run through a reverse osmosis filtration system, followed by additional filtration through ceramic, sand, carbon, iron and UV filters which produces water that is safe to drink straight out of the tap. In times of little or no rain, we are able to desalinize up to 380 liters of sea water per hour.

Oraganic Farming

Atolls have inherently poor soil. The small specks of land that dot the rim of an atoll are made up of decomposed coral and sand, and are not conducive to growing anything but coconut palms. However, using natural, chemical free composting, Ninamu Resort and a neighboring farm are able to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegtables not typically found in the South Pacific. All of our produce, and most of our poultry, pork products are grown or raised localy without using chemicals, fertalizers or hormones.

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