Make Ninamu Resort your home base for SCUBA diving at Tikehau atoll. Dive boats with certified guides will pick you up directly from our island and take you to the many world class dive sites just a short boat ride away. Favorite sites include:

Tuheiava Pass is the entry to the lagoon of Tikehau Atoll, celebrated for its strong currents that attract a diverse range of marine life. Ideal for experienced divers, the pass features schools of big-eye jacks, barracudas, and frequent sightings of grey reef and hammerhead sharks. Dolphins occasionally grace divers with their presence in this nutrient-rich waterway, making it a thrilling dive spot.

The outer wall offers a stunning vertical landscape as the reef precipitously drops into the depths of the ocean. This site is adorned with vibrant coral formations and is frequented by pelagic species such as tunas and manta rays, with the occasional whale sighting in deeper waters. The dramatic underwater topography provides an exciting exploration for those fascinated by the vast open ocean.

The shark hole is located within the lagoon. It’s is an accessible dive site known for its abundant shark population, including blacktip and white tip reef sharks. The site combines a sandy bottom with coral patches, hosting a colorful array of reef fish and stingrays. It’s a popular choice for those looking to experience the thrill of shark diving in a relatively shallow and controlled environment.

The manta ray cleaning station is a natural spectacle where manta rays converge to be cleaned by smaller fish. Divers can witness these majestic creatures in a serene dance, gliding gracefully while being serviced by cleaner wrasses. This spot also showcases a lively coral reef environment, teeming with small fish, making it a favorite for both its ecological uniqueness and the opportunity to observe manta rays up close.

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